Product characteristics:
1. It is specially used for the welding of NTC thermistor sensor. It integrates the reliable arc welding connection and the high mechanical strength of soldering, which makes the quality of solder joints more reliable. It is a good choice instead of soldering iron and copper tape.
2, a multi-purpose machine, can be used for special welding or as a general welding machine.
3, equipped with the original Japanese controller, so that the equipment control technology is more reliable, stable, and ensure high-quality welding.
4, using compressed air as power, clean, stable and reliable.
5, to avoid all the unfavorable factors of manual welding: dependence on employee proficiency, solder joint size, shape, flux too difficult to clean, low efficiency, high cost.
6, double point simultaneous welding efficiency is 3 times manual, up to 1000 / hour.

Technical parameters:
1, power supply voltage and frequency: AC220V (+10%, -15%, 50HZ)
2, welding rated power and welding voltage: 5KVA 2.1-5.1V divided into 3 blocks
3. Setting of welding parameters Warm-up time: 0-9 words
                  Welding time: 00-99 words
                  Welding temperature: 000-999 words
4, electrode stroke 20mm
5, the weight of the whole machine is about 80KG
6. Dimensions 1000×600×700 (L×W×H)

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