The product introduction:

The automatic thermistor glass-sealed component test sorter is an NTC special equipment that is innovatively improved on the basis of absorbing Japanese Shiba test technology. It is another revolution of Changzhou Kewen Company in the NTC industry in 2005. This machine adopts the same 7-speed tester as Japan's Shibaura Electronics, and is supplemented by the high-precision thermostat technology introduced by the company from Germany. It realizes automatic testing and automatic binning of NTC components with original mechanical transmission.

Technical parameters:
1, sorter parameters
Range: 0 ~ 5MΩ;
Test current: 1μA ~ 3mA;
Accuracy: ±0.05% +5 words;
Test speed: 50ms / time; automatic test 5 times / second;

2, temperature measurement parameters
Temperature control range: -20~100°C
Temperature fluctuation: ≤ ±0.01 °C;
Volume: 100L;
Medium: silicone oil;

3, the machine parameters
Automatic number of divisions: 7 files
Test speed: ^ Large capacity 14000 / hour
Test method: comparison method and ^ value method
False positive rate: ≤0.1%
Dimensions: 2600 × 600 × 1300mm (length × width × height)

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