1. The proportion of A and B components of encapsulating material must be strictly in accordance with the prescribed ratio.
2, the mixing ratio is the weight ratio, must be accurately weighed with the balance, can not be roughly estimated.
3, A and B components must be thoroughly mixed, otherwise there will be partial non-cure.
4. The encapsulating material after mixing can be vacuum defoamed to obtain good appearance and sealing performance.
5. The product must be cleaned and dried before encapsulation to improve the sealing performance of the product.
6. The product after preparation is not allowed to be used in the environment of 25 °C for more than 3 hours to avoid the epoxy decline of the product.
7. When heating and drying, pay attention to the uniformity and accuracy of the oven temperature to avoid insufficient curing or curing of the product.
8, the workplace pay attention to ventilation, air conditioning room should have a good exhaust system when using.
9, because the curing agent has a certain stimulating effect on the skin, should wear overalls, gloves, goggles to avoid direct contact during operation, once contact, please wash with hand sanitizer immediately.
10. If the material is not used after use, it should be sealed immediately and prohibited from opening to avoid affecting performance after moisture absorption.
11. If the package size is required to be large, it can be achieved by two or three times of dipping.
12, the main agent storage temperature is required to be 5 ~ 10 ° C, hardener and thinner should be stored at room temperature; while maintaining the humidity below 80%, avoid direct sunlight, ensure that the container is sealed and away from heat and fire; if not, the shelf life will be greatly Shorten, once the shelf life is turned on, it will be shortened, please use it as soon as possible.
13. Due to the high purity of the resin (especially NB-5), it may be easy to crystallize at a lower temperature. If crystallization occurs, the resin is heated to 50 ° C until all the crystals are dissolved. When heating, make sure that the lid is not too tight and avoid any build-up of pressure; it is recommended to cool to room temperature before continuing to use.
14. The curing time will vary with the amount of single use of the product.

The technical data of the product is the typical data tested under certain conditions, not its specifications. When using the product, the actual measurement data shall prevail. The suitability of the product is determined by the customer's certification process. Kewen sensor materials do not guarantee the suitability of typical data to customers.

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